Asset Tracking Solution 24/7, with 360-degree visibility.

Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?

Apptricity Asset Tracking Solutions provide the visibility and accountability that has been missing in your organization. Apptricity integrates critical functions like asset assignment, report generation, maintenance, repair, lifecycle management and incident reporting.

This end-to-end asset tracking solution also provides cost, depreciation, allocation, and real-time general ledger (GL) integration. Apptricity Asset Management can track assets throughout your organization by employee, GL and/or cost center. Manufacturer and supplier warranties are tracked online. Real-time incident reporting documents problems, tracks defects and provides valuable information for determining asset life. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing applications, taking your enterprise automation to new levels of efficiency.

Whether you integrate Apptricity’s Asset Tracking Suite into the procurement workflow, management processes or both, Apptricity gives you greater control, improved visibility and better decision-making capabilities. Utilizing the latest IOT, RTLS technologies such as a barcode, passive RFID, Bluetooth, Active RFID, LTE, or Satellite tag.

Maintain Accurate Lifecycle Records, Purchase to End-of-Life

For tracked assets, Apptricity can automatically maintain lifecycle documentation such as maintenance records, repairs, depreciation, end-of-life and disposition. This solution can integrate with General Ledger accounts to track asset costs. Users can search by type of asset, location, asset owner and other attributes. Further, Apptricity can track software licenses and keys, and manage license transfers from out-of-service devices to their replacements.

Apptricity tracks assets primarily via barcode and RFID (radio frequency identification) tags. In some cases, users work with handheld scanners; in others, RFID scanners are installed where goods pass through, like in doorways and vehicles.

Apptricity Asset Tracking Does All This and More

  • Integrates with current and legacy systems and data structures.
  • Gives users easy access via Web browsers and mobile platforms.
  • Reveals asset locations via GPS maps and user-supplied building floor plans.
  • Readily integrates assets with related documents and images, and links to these items.
  • Tracks and organizes inventory with one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, many-to-one and hierarchical parent-child relationships a powerful management advantage.
  • Automates connectivity between related asset data.
  • Simplifies operations with role-based permissions and workflow.
  • Enables canned and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Generates unique barcodes.
  • Lets users customize their asset-tracking experience by defining their own data fields.
  • Ties details to the asset, such as maintenance, warranty and service data.
  • Automatically issues event-based alerts.
  • Supports comprehensive maintenance and repair operations.
  •  Integrates work order management and scheduling (in optional module).
Beyond application-specific advantages, Apptricity Asset Tracking solutions are easiest to own, deploy, integrate, modify, use, and afford – integrating seamlessly with Apptricity Inventory and Apptricity Warehouse Management.