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Apptricity Corporation is at the forefront of providing advanced In-Transit Visibility solutions tailored for government entities. These ITV capabilities utilize Radio Frequency (RF)/Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) and are meticulously designed to offer logistics customers unparalleled visibility and near real-time status updates on the movement of all classes of supply. Our dedication to innovation ensures we meet the critical demands of today’s rapidly changing environment.

asset lifecycle management on government army base for an aircraft tug

In-Transit Visibility (ITV) Defined

In-Transit Visibility is more than just tracking; it’s about empowering decision-makers. At its core, ITV:

  • Identifies, locates, and tracks the movement of all classes of supply, right from the source to the end user.
  • Represents the fusion of logistics information and distribution technologies. This melding is pivotal for rapid crisis response, swift deployments, and effective sustainment.
  • Offers decision makers across command levels and throughout the logistics pipeline precise, near real-time data. With this data, they can collaboratively plan, prioritize, and redirect logistics operations as needed.
  • Allows for the capability to track and shift units, equipment, and supplies that are in transit, ensuring that resources are always where they need to be.
  • Facilitates the delivery of bespoke logistics packages right to the Warfighter, ensuring they have what they need, when they need it.


Apptricity provides multi-leg(stop), multi-mode visibility to include ground, air, ocean, and rail transportation. Advanced geofencing alerts, transportation analytics, COTS tag support, and cybersecurity provide industry leading capability for our Government and Commercial customers.

Icon demonstrating Real time vehicle tracking

Real-time Asset Tracking

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Geofence Alerts and Notifications

Icon demonstrating in-transit inventory tracking

In-Transit Inventory Tracking

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Data Analytics for Performance and Cost

Experience and Certifications

– We have over 20 years of expertise serving numerous government contracts. Our deep understanding of government needs ensures our solutions are always a step ahead.

– Our experts possess a wide range of certifications, including Security +, Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt, CISSP, making sure our clients always have access to industry-leading knowledge and skills.

– We uphold rigorous security standards, compliant with NIST, FedRamp High and ISO27001, ensuring our solutions exceed the strictest security requirements of governmental operations.


Our advanced ITV capabilities, coupled with our expansive experience, gives us an unparalleled edge. With our solutions, logistics becomes less about transport and more about strategy, ensuring that resources are always aligned with objectives. Whether catering to defense, public works, or any other government department, Apptricity Corporation stands as the gold standard for ITV solutions.


We currently have large scale enterprise commercial ITV customers with the following capabilities:

  • Tracking over 30,000,000 assets for clients
  • Tracking 7,000 active transportation vehicles with full visibility for all cargo within the vehicle.
  • Supporting hundreds of retail locations and equipment warehouses.
  • Planning support for tracking equipment at over 80,000 telecom site locations representing an additional 12,000,000 equipment assets.
  • Embedded Apptricity IoT technology in commercial client next generation safes worldwide to validate, track and manage visibility of large quantities of money and other valuable securities. Expanded proven ability to support global transportation of these assets for vehicle and cargo visibility.


asset lifecycle management on government army base for an aircraft tug
asset lifecycle management on government army base for an aircraft tug

Transportation Tracking Analytics and Alerting

  • Analytics on tagged equipment and any associated equipment in the container for each leg of the transportation.
  • Battery power analytics and alerting to assist units with battery management.
  • Transportation analytics on transportation plans by
    • Transportation Plan (overall and by transportation partner)
    • Transportation Mode (overall and by transportation partner)
    • Transportation Leg/Stop segment (overall and by partner)
    • Planned vs Actual start/completion time (overall and by partner)
  • Transportation cost analytics for budget vs actual costs
  • Tag utilization reporting (mode assets as well as equipment)


Competitive Edge

Our combination of advanced ITV capabilities, vast experience, and prestigious certifications places us in a unique position to cater to government bodies. Whether it’s for defense, public works, or any other governmental department, Apptricity Corporation is your trusted partner for ITV solutions.

We have extensive experience with integration with commercial systems such as SAP, ORACLE amongst others. If desired, our solution may also be integrated with government systems through Apptricity’s Integration Engine. The system is entirely scalable to meet the needs of the government over time. As testimony to our scalability, Apptricity has individual clients currently tracking over 500,000,000 assets across 110 different countries. Additionally, the software application is easily configurable and customizable by the government team’s application administrators who will receive certification training from Apptricity.

Certified Professionals: Our team consists of experts who hold a range of certifications ensuring that you’re working with the best in the industry.

Security Protocols: Our commitment to security is second to none. We are compliant with security standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, etc., ensuring that our solutions meet the stringent security requirements of government operations.

Proven Track Record: We have successfully delivered ITV solutions for multiple government agencies and private sector clients, establishing our credibility and trustworthiness in the domain.


geofence created for army vehicle on an army base with asset management tracking

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