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Unprecedented visibility allows you to effectively manage and automate your Supply Chain and Spend Management across all operations.


The power of Apptricity Invoice goes well beyond scanning and automation of invoice management to reduce paperwork.


Apptricity Procure-to-Pay streamlines procurement by automating your entire process, from requisition to reimbursement.


Apptricity Expense automates and simplifies how you authorize, review, approve, audit and analyze expenses.

Travel & Expense

Apptricity Travel & Expense lets you escalate, approve and audit travel expenses, with notifications alerts and unprecedented ease.

Expenses and Spend Patterns Snap into Focus When you Gain 360° Visibility, Strengthen Controls and Harness the Power of Real-Time Analytics

Inject smart new efficiencies into your travel and expense, procure-to-pay, invoice and financial reporting operations. Apptricity Spend Management streamlines core finance functions in real time — saving time and reducing costs by automating purchasing, invoicing and expense management.

Benefits range across the board. You gain end-to-end visibility, substantial efficiencies, faster procurement, simpler purchasing and paying, and greater compliance. You can also negotiate better discounts, reduce errors and use the power of analytics to find insights, sharpen forecasts and improve decision making. With Apptricity Spend Management, you discourage rogue purchases, prevent duplicate or unnecessary orders and minimize fraud. 

Flexibility to the max. Apptricity Spend Management is an integrated, mobile, cloud-based solution suite. Its modules — Apptricity Invoice, Apptricity Procure-to-Pay, Apptricity Expense, and Apptricity Travel — readily integrate with your existing financial and ERP systems, and data structures. Further, each module can stand alone or integrate with the others, in any combination.

Apptricity Spend Management is an integrated, mobile, cloud suite — Invoice, Procure-to-Pay, Expense, and Travel & Expense — that can integrate with any existing accounting or ERP system. Modules can stand alone or integrate with others, in any combination.
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  • Purchase Order

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Our Flexible Technology Simplifies Operations

Cloud Computing for IoT

Our IoT solutions collect more precise and relevant data, automate processes, and operate with highest efficiency.

Service-Oriented Architecture

We build Apptricity applications from the ground up on a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

SaaS with High Security

Through our SaaS business model, we provide a private virtual instance for your database and application.

Superior Integration

Apptricity’s integration engine is a multi-dialect tool enabling data to be consumed to and from external sources.

Plug-and-Play Modules

Apptricity readily tailors a solution to your precise needs. Planning and “future-proofing” your solution is easy.

Unrestricted Configuration

Apptricity’s architecture configures to any need, thanks to our business rules engine and integrated administration tools.

I-Connect & RFID Technologies

Apptricity’s solutions fully utilize RFID technologies to track everything from ice cream freezers, to rotary aircraft, to everything in between.

Top-Rated Support Team

Our customers consistently rate Apptricity as “Superior for Technical Support” in independent studies by Dun & Bradstreet.

Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

Apptricity provides robust analytics to improve decision-making, plus options to develop application-specific reports.