Optimize Performance Using the Latest Communications, RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS Technologies.

While anyone can talk about telematics, only Apptricity fulfills the promise of this amazing technology in a comprehensive solution that includes patent pending I-Connect technology.

The Apptricity I-Connect controller acts as the brain of the asset-based telematics solution. Antennas connect to the controller and track whatever comes in and out of the vehicle. Onboard LTE and WiFi connections enable seamless communication between the vehicle and server. This delivers real-time insights for both drivers and managers alike. The I-Connect controller can communicate with RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, or Satellite tags, making it the perfect solution to reduce manual cycle counting by as much as one-hour a day, while enabling greater efficiency and cost savings, across the fleet.

Through recent advancements in manufacturing, RFID-based asset tracking is now more accessible and affordable than ever.

Apptricity’s Supply Chain Management solutions fully utilize RFID tracking to provide 360-degree visibility into the lifecycle of your assets. Apptricity Asset tracks everything from ice cream freezers, to rotary aircraft, and everything in between.

With RFID tag prices ranging anywhere from a few cents to $1000+, exercise your freedom to choose which tags work best for your budget. Apptricity users can mix and match with any tag that fits their tracking needs, all of which are supported within our Supply Chain Management system.  Tags can be manufactured to withstand the elements, keeping your assets visible in the harshest conditions, to improve inventory accuracy, and to verify quantity by location.