Leveraging cloud computing for IoT, Apptricity applications adapt to your environment, so you don’t have to adapt to ours.

Apptricity’s software solutions utilize the most current advancements in cloud computing to give real-time awareness into our Supply Chain Management and Spend Management solutions.  As an IoT provider, we host our solutions on the most secure cloud data servers in the world, allowing users to have the quick access they need, as well as the peace of mind that your data is safe and sound.

Through utilization of Apptricity’s IoT solutions, users can collect more precise and relevant data, automate more processes, and operate with higher efficiency than ever before.  When you tie those solutions in with the accessibility of cloud computing, users can now have real-time access to critical data, as well as full visibility into the analytics that drive your most important business decisions.

Apptricity software runs on any standard operating system, relational database management system (RDBMS), Web server, application server, mobile technology platform, or private cloud. We integrate any or all into your existing infrastructure.

Our unique technology platform makes the difference. It speeds and simplifies implementation, mitigating project risk while keeping costs in check. The result: on-time, on-budget completions that perform as promised.

Our super-flexible solutions grow and change with you, simplifying planning in an ever-shifting, uncertain world.