Utilize the latest advancements in IoT technologies to improve your Field Services with Apptricity.

Power your Field Services with Apptricity’s I-Connect Controller, the IoT-connected hardware designed to give you complete visibility into your vehicles and what’s inside.

Apptricity’s I-Connect Controller is the smart tracking solution you’ve been looking for. Each controller is designed to read different types of sensor tracking tags and transmit the scan data to the web via WiFi or LTE communication. With two controller options commercially available, and a third on the way, you can choose which sensor tracking tags you want to use and pick the corresponding I-Connect controller that communicates with them.

Connected Vehicles

By equipping your vehicles with an I-Connect Controller, and utilizing Field Inventory and Mobile Work Order, you will experience an end-to-end solution for all your Field Service operations. The I-Connect Controller scans any tagged inventory on the van, giving you the visibility to see what’s inside. Mobile Work Order gives the technician their assigned work for the day, while also showing the amount of inventory necessary for each job and providing customer information such as name, address, and turn-by-turn directions to their location. Field Inventory is used to show the driver all on board inventory, and alerts them if they leave tools on site, or if they don’t have enough inventory to complete the work tasks for the day. All this functionality is rolled into one application that a technician can use to see everything in one place.

I-Connect Series

The I-Connect Controller series features hardware units that scan sensor tracking tags through attached antennas. The scan data is then sent to the web via cellular or WiFi connectivity. There are two different units available for purchase today, with a third unit currently in R&D.

Apptricity’s combination of software and hardware ensures you the visibility you need to manage your Field Services with confidence, eliminating missing equipment and inefficient processes.


The original unit built by Apptricity features 8 SMA connectors for antennas, on-board WiFi and cellular capability, on-board battery backup, and Cat-4 cabling. These units helped tie together the first Apptricity Connected Vehicles in the field.

I-Connect BLE

This newly-constructed unit allows for the scanning of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags, and comes in a smaller case, making it easier to deploy. This unit utilizes 2 Cat-5 ports for antenna connection, on-board DRAM and flash memory, and the optional ability to add GPS and cellular communication. This board communicates with Apptricity through WiFi connection.

I-Connect Cat M1 (in production)

The newest offering currently in development for the I-Connect series features a board designed to communicate with Cat M1 tags. Operating on a the 4G or LTE network, this board can connect into an external battery as well as housing an on-board battery. Users can connect up to 16 antennas to this board, allowing for extended coverage from one unit.

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) LTE Tags

These tags are part of the I-Connect series and represent Apptricity’s recommended sensor tracking tags for all field service operations. Communicating over the LTE network, these tags can report anywhere that cellular coverage is available, and contain an on-board power supply to ensure next to no downtime.