Expand Supply Chain control with comprehensive inventory management.

360° Visibility of Rolling Inventories

Apptricity Field Inventory brings 360° visibility to service and delivery vehicles. It’s all part of Apptricity’s comprehensive Field Services solution that reports stock quantity, location and other vehicle information in real-time. Field Inventory ensures on-board inventory replenishment matches the day’s work orders. Complete awareness of all tracked vehicles and their inventories, from an enterprise-wide perspective, helps to eliminate costly mistakes such as overstocking and shortfalls, that can lead to extra truck rolls.

Control Inventory as it Moves

Field Service organizations often keep costly tools, parts, materials and products on the move. It’s like stocking an ever-changing warehouse that sprawls across thousands of square miles. Apptricity Field Inventory improves field service operations by letting you oversee inventory levels, trends, locations and more, supported by a user-friendly interface and efficient reporting functions.

Centralized, up-to-the-minute visibility helps you maintain control as inventory moves to a new location or through the supply chain keeping vehicles on time and in route. Inventory also enables at-a-glance visibility and tracking for products, parts on hand, supplies and materials. Apptricity Field Inventory simplifies the reordering process, enhancing accuracy and providing a comprehensive view of inventory availability, and vehicle distribution.

How it Works

Apptricity Field Inventory enables you to simplify and streamline your field inventory management processes while communicating effortlessly. By automating Asset Tracking, you can optimize your rolling inventory and manage on-board goods using exception reporting. Accurate, real-time tracking additionally enables you to make better purchasing decisions and minimize misdirected and misplaced inventory. You can seamlessly add Apptricity modules for a comprehensive, integrated mobile inventory solution that provides greater visibility across your entire enterprise. Asset-Based Telematics includes in-vehicle automated asset tracking, with total integration into operations, inventory and workflow management.

Establish an Automated, Configurable System

This rapidly deployable solution, Apptricity Field Inventory, is built on a proven technology framework enabling unprecedented adaptability and user configuration capabilities.

Due to our advanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework, Apptricity applications let you seamlessly add components as needed. The result is a comprehensive, integrated inventory system that automates processes across your entire enterprise.

Field Inventory employs industry best practices to streamline daily operations for facilities of any size, including distribution centers, storage locations, manufacturing facilities and retail stores. The solution can be deployed as a perpetual license for maximum internal control or as a convenient software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription for organizations requiring a less complex implementation.

Perform Warehouse Activities Efficiently

Apptricity Inventory accommodates manual entry, electronic data interchange (EDI), advanced shipment notification (ASN), and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

RFID compatibility enables the solution to accept input from handheld RF devices that are used for warehouse activities. Handheld RF devices enable you to process the arrival and receipt of inbound loads, perform putaway and move inventory items within the same facility or across multiple locations.

Alternatively, Apptricity’s patent pending I-Connect Controller can be used as a static interrogator that can be set up in strategic spots to ensure maximum coverage of a contained area (warehouse). Antennas are attached to the controller, and will run scans to collect RFID reads, which are then sent to the Web application via cellular or WiFi connection. With assets backed by RFID tags, missing or misplaced assets can be tracked back to the last scan date or custodian last assigned the asset – giving management complete visibility into asset location 24/7/365.

Achieve Start-to-finish Inventory Control

  • Delivers 360-degree view of inventory levels using multiple categories, including stock keeping unit (SKU), product type, barcode, manufacturer, supplier and facility.
  • Boosts inventory accuracy and efficiency with multiple receiving methods.
  • Reveals item location by facility with a rollup by SKU, product or barcode.
  • Tracks inventory by any unit of measure.
  • Sharpens accuracy by letting users optimize replenishment points and lead times.
  • Speeds logistics by integrating with point-of-sale applications, a powerful advantage.
  • Simplifies inventory searches using multiple categories.
  • Lets users search by product, shelf life, expiration date and other criteria.
  • Generates advanced out-of-the box and ad-hoc reports.
  • Serves up actionable real-time information on asset quantity, location, condition, status and other attributes.
  • Lets users configure business rules to meet advanced inventory control objectives, such as hazardous material handling requirements, use-by dates and other criteria.
  • Tracks status of items including raw materials, work in progress, finished goods and goods for resale.
  • Scales up or down to automate a single facility or hundreds of locations.
Field Inventory is part of the Apptricity Field Service suite that brings efficiency to the management of field assets, inventory, service and warehouse operations.